Sunday, April 4, 2010

Who Am I

Similar to the question of what do I want is the questions, “who am I?”  Combined these two questions have consumed more of self-awareness questions than all the others combined.

The basics are easy to discern.  I have a name, address and several phone numbers, but while these identifiers can be used to find me they do not determine my personal identity.  I can easily state who my children, parents, wife and friends are, but again, classifying me by my relationships lacks understanding into who Eric Thielmann really is.

Most of my life has been a search to find out who I am.  Even at 50 I am not sure I can accurately explain myself to my own satisfaction. For me self-image has been a difficult concept to put into practical action.
Self-image is a way of considering who we are.  We use it to determine our thoughts, choices, actions and even emotions.  It is a basic element of understanding who we are and how we are going to interact with others in society.

Self-image gives us way of thinking about who we are.  It is a picture of our personality, character, and abilities that we live out of.

We all have a self-image.  We may not be aware of our self-image but it exists and influences everything we do.

Getting a handle on how we think about ourselves is important. We can either respond or react to life.  If we live reactively we will be pushed about by the circumstances of life.  If we live responsively we will be able to exert ourselves onto the situations we face.

In reactions we live on a trampoline, bouncing up and down without real direction.  In responses we live on a path, choosing and moving in a purposeful direction.

So we need to understand who we are.  At 17 I had no clue how to go about this.  Where should I start, what questions should I ask, who should I turn to for answers and how can I determine who I am, were just a few of the questions that I struggled with.

Hopefully this blog will help you to figure out who you are.

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