Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Annoying People

Ever have anyone who annoyed the snot outta you?  It doesn’t happen to me but I have heard that people are sometimes an annoyance to others.  Okay, I get bugged by many peccadilloes and idiosyncrasies other people insist on laying directly in my path.

And where it seems to get me the most is in the arena of sports. This happened recently at a Volleyball tournament that BJ was playing in.  It just so happens that they played against a fellow who has many offensive mannerisms.  At his least he is a goofy guy who acts like a spaz.  At his worse he is a cocky and arrogant player who has no real basis for boasting about his level of play which is rudimentary at best.  He is not a game breaker, yet he insists that the volleyball world would sorely miss his talent and abilities should he not play.

This guy gets under the skin with the ease of a cloud of mosquitoes.  What makes it worse is that his team beat our team.  It makes me feel like justice is not served when a person with less ability, class and respect wins the game.   And I love justice and cannot abide with even the slightest taint of injustice.

So how do we handle this kind of person in this kind of situation?  Revenge?  Beat the tar out of his team next time we play them?

Jesus asks us to love him. 

Bj and I texted about this the following week and he gave me permission to use the conversation here.
Me: Is Josh still there? (I was hoping to send one of my “I knew a guy jokes” to Josh as he is my main inspiration for these bad jokes)
BJ: Nope.
Me: Thx. Love ya. Don’t let people rule. “People who annoy you can teach you a lot about yourself.” (This is a quote from BJ who had written it on his Facebook status earlier that week.) I heard that somewhere lately and thot it was great.
BJ: Yeah Whered you hear that?
Me: On Facebook. Some wanna be sage actually had a quotable quote.
BJ: Lol aha J
Me: One of my FB (Facebook) friends is wise beyond his years.
Me: So what does Blanko (a pseudonym for the annoying one) tell you about BJ?
BJ: What do you mean?
Me: Blanko annoys you. What can you learn about yourself because of this annoyance?
BJ: Iunno. That Coicky annoying ugly people make me mad? :p
Me: Yup. What else?
BJ: Iunno. That it shouldn’t bother me how he acts
Me: Think about this. Assholes have way too much power in your life when you let them influence your emotions.
BJ: Yes. Thats smart
Me: It does bother you though. We have been talking about mental/emotional toughness (within the context of both volleyball and life).  How can you move on when someone personally attacks you with negativity?
Me: What does moving forward look like? U will always have to deal with assholes, people who rub you the wrong way. The negative thots and emotions need to be dealt with
BJ: Well how do you deal with negative emotions from this?
Me: How will you deal with other people negatoivity towards u?
BJ: Iunno. :p
Me: I am also very poor at this. Somehow we need to forgive Blanko even though we know he will most likely always b an ignorant asshole.  Jesus wants us to love Blanko.
Me: Not sure how to do that.
BJ: Mhm... I know what you are saying now I think.
Me: Loving is very hard.  I can’t do it without letting Jesus be involved.  This is true even with people who are easy to love.  I have more than one Blanko in my life.
Me: Everyday is a challenge to love.
BJ: Yeah loving can be a hard challenge
Me: Ur a great kid and I would hate to c u swallowed up by hate like Blanko and his Mom.
BJ: No worries I wont do that
Me: When we focus on loving we take away the other persons power to influence our thots and emotions in a negative manner.
BJ: Indeed father.
Me: Love ya. Ttyl
BJ: Love you too.
Jesus asks that we see people how He sees people and to love them with His love.  Nothing is more important.

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